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Brushes and Layout by Jenni of PixelScripts. Please keep my link! "Promises" © Dave Mustaine / Al Pitrelli / Megadeth.

This layout was tested on 1024 x 768 screen resolution, IE 5.5, 16 bit color. Chromeless pop-up only works on Internet Explorer. Regular Pop-Up, and No Pop-Up provided.

Every file may be edited freely, but a link must remain, as stated in the Terms of Use.
Folder: img: You may edit the files contained, but there is no need.
Folder: js: Don't edit unless you know what you're doing!
style.css: This file controls the links, and various controls. Edit if you wish, but there is no need.
blankheader.gif: You can use this file to make a different header (on the index.html page), if you don't want it to say "Promises".
header.gif: Header image on index.html. No edit needed.
pro001 - 006.gif: Images that make up the background of content.html.
content.html: This is where you put your different pages of your website. The HTML will tell you where the content goes, and where the navigational menu goes.
index.html: The first page visitors will see.
LIVE NUDE DANCERS.txt: A ReadMe document.