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The artwork in this layout is Unison. The actual layout is PixelScripts.

This layout is tested in 1024 x 768, IE 5.5, windows. Should work well in IE 4+, and 800 x 600.

You may edit these files freely, but please link me.
dopeshow1 - 4.jpg ; These files make up the backgounds. No editing needed.
dopeshowsplash.jpg ; This file makes up the splash page image. No editing needed.
index.html ;This is the splash page. No editing needed.
main.html ;The pop up screen. No editing needed.
blank 1 & 2.html ;Blank pages that form the backgrounds of main.html. Editing not adviced.
content.html ;This is where you type your webpages. Right click on this document and open it in notepad or a simple text editor. NOT MICROSOFT WORD. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of HTML to edit these files. Check out for help.
links.html ;Put your website links here.

Layout By PixelScripts